Lorraine Lubicich of Police Athletic League

Our organization took several large groups of youth, first time kayakers, on kayak trips led by Glacier Bay staff - and for many of the youth, this was the highlight of their summer. The staff was knowledgable, helpful and fun - and the trips were exciting. We had a great time everytime we went and even the most frightened child learned to manuever a kayak. Thank you to Mike, Joey and all the staff!

Jane P.

As a beginner to Kayaking, I really appreciated the range of services Glacier Bay provides. The staff is quite knowledgeable and was able to help me purchase my first kayak, finding the right one for my level of experience and guiding me to the one that "fit" most comfortably. How a kayak is supposed to "fit" was a mystery to me! I was able to buy all the assorted gear that I would need. Again with their expert help! But besides those things which a good shop should be able to do, Glacier Bay offers classes and tours, all of which I have participated in and thoroughly enjoyed. The instructors obviously knew their stuff and were able to convey it clearly, helping me to begin to develop good technique. The tours are fun and an added plus for those who don't yet have other people to kayak with. I strongly recommend trying a full moon tour; it is quite an experience! All in all, I feel fortunate that Glacier Bay is so close by. But if it isn't to you; it is worth the trip!
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