From Dock to Cockpit

How to Launch

Step 1

Launching a kayak off a high or low dock, or off a beach or boat ramp is easy and fun. If you are renting and launching from either our Northport or Brookhaven location, all the carrying is done for you and we are there to help you get in and launched. If you're on your own, however, follow these simple steps to begin. Don't forget to put your lifejacket on, adjust your footpegs and, if applicable, release the strap on your rudder.

Step 2

While wearing your lifejacket, place your paddle on the dock, or hold it in your hand, while you use your other hand to gently lower the kayak from the dock into the water.

Step 3

Have a seat on the dock parallel to your kayak that is now in the water. If the deck of the kayak and the dock are level, place your paddle behind the cockpit of the kayak so that half is resting behind the cockpit and half is resting on the dock. Put your hands behind your back with one hand covering the section of the paddle on the dock and the other holding the back of the cockpit and that section of the paddle simultaneously. Then begin by sliding yourself into the cockpit. It is really very easy to do.

Step 4

Pull your paddle in front of you and get yourself comfortable and balanced.

Step 5

Push off gently from the dock and begin your journey.

"stress is caused by not kayaking enough"